IGNOU PGJMC Solved Assignment MJM 024 Q. No. 5

IGNOU PGJMC Solved Assignments for MJM-024 Question No. 5 which states “Identify any alternative media efforts from India or the Asian context. Explain its mission and objectives and compare it with any mainstream media for their approach to executing their objectives. Give adequate details of the chosen alternative media efforts.” Answer: Alternative media refers to … Read more

IGNOU Assignments Submission Last Date Extension 2023 News

Students are expecting extension in last date of IGNOU Assignment submission for June TEE 2023. At present the last date of ignou assignment submission is 30.04.2023. Generally IGNOU extends last date for assignment submission, this time also students are expecting that ignou will extend last date for assignments submission. Also Read: IGNOU PGJMC Solved Assignments … Read more

IGNOU solved assignment 2023 PGJMC MJM-020

IGNOU Solved Assignment 2023 for the paper PGJMC MJM-020 Question No. 5 which state “Conceptualise and plan a fund raiser to promote tribal art through digital means” 400 words Concept and plan for fund raiser to promote tribal art through digital means Promoting tribal art through digital means can be an effective way to raise … Read more

IGNOU PGJMC 2023 Assignment Solution MJM-020 Q-2

IGNOU PGJMC 2023 Assignment Solution for paper MJM-020 and Question number 2 which states “What are the ways in which internet has affected traditional media of print an electronic? Cite industry reports indicating internet proliferation in India during the COVID time” (500 words). The solution of the above IGNOU PGJMC Assignment is as under: Answer: … Read more

IGNOU PGJMC Assignments 2023 Solution MJM-021

Question 4 of IGNOU PGJMC Assignment 2023 Paper Code MJM-021 which states Write a comment on encouraging rural and indigenous sports to be a part of international sports events and competitions. You can download question of PGJMC Assignments 2023 Here IGNOU PGJMC Assignments 2023 Solution MJM-021 Sports play an essential role in promoting physical fitness, … Read more

Write a story on the psychological issues faced by children after being home-bound for two years due to the pandemic. Also suggest plausible solutions for the problem. (500words)

It had been two years since the pandemic hit, and the world had never been the same. The sudden and unprecedented lockdowns had forced people to stay inside their homes, and children were no exception. Home had become schools, playgrounds, and even prisons for children. The psychological impact of this prolonged homebound existence was severe, … Read more

Write an article on the concerns of the government regarding the use of crypto currency in the country

In this article, we delve into the concerns of the government surrounding the use of cryptocurrency within the country. Although the technology of cryptocurrencies is advanced, the government has various concerns regarding its effect on both the economy and the environment. These concerns include issues such as money laundering, tax evasion, volatility, consumer protection, and energy consumption.