Gurugram Youths Hack Swiggy Accounts, Rack Up ₹1 Lakh in Orders – What Happened Next?

Gurugram Youths Hack Swiggy Accounts: Delhi Police have apprehended two individuals, identified as Aniket Kalra (25) and Himanshu Kumar (23), both residents of Gurugram, on charges of allegedly infiltrating numerous Swiggy delivery accounts. According to a report by the Indian Express, the duo purportedly exploited an ‘Interactive Voice Response System’ to illicitly access these accounts and subsequently engaged in fraudulent activities.

Gurugram Youths Hack Swiggy Accounts

Aniket Kalra, who had previous employment experience as a delivery personnel for both Swiggy and Zomato, alongside Himanshu Kumar, reportedly utilized the aforementioned system to gain unauthorized entry into Swiggy accounts. Allegedly, they then initiated orders for grocery items through these hacked accounts and later disposed of the items at discounted rates.

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DCP (South) Ankit Kumar disclosed on Monday that the accused individuals employed the ‘Interactive Voice Response System’ to manipulate Swiggy accounts, orchestrating the placement of orders for grocery items. Following this, they purportedly sold the fraudulently acquired items at reduced prices.

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The arrests ensued subsequent to a complaint lodged by a woman in Sultanpur, who claimed a loss of ₹97,197 as the accused allegedly siphoned funds from her Lazy Pay account, which was linked to Swiggy. Upon thorough investigation, the police conducted technical analyses of call detail records and financial transactions, revealing that the woman had received a late-night call from an Automated Telephony Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system alerting her of an attempted account breach. Consequently, fraudulent orders worth ₹97,197 were placed through her Swiggy account.

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Further investigation led to the tracking of product deliveries to Gurgaon, where the items were purportedly being received under fabricated ownership details. Consequently, Aniket and Himanshu were apprehended by the police in Gurgaon.

As per police reports, Aniket Kalra allegedly exploited online discounts to procure groceries at discounted rates, subsequently reselling them in the market, thereby accruing savings ranging between five to ten percent on each order.

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