Google to remove AI-generated SEO Optimized content to boost results for organic content

Google’s new initiative to combat AI-generated content aimed at manipulating search algorithms and boosting rankings signals a significant change in the company’s approach, potentially impacting online content quality. Announced via a blog post on Tuesday, the plan involves algorithmic enhancements to Google’s core ranking systems, targeting three main types of content abuse, with a focus on automated content, including that generated by AI.

Elizabeth Tucker, Google’s director of product management, explained that the updates aim to refine ranking systems to distinguish between genuinely helpful webpages and those designed solely to attract search engine attention. The objective is to diminish low-quality content in search results and drive more traffic to reputable websites.

While the blog post did not explicitly mention generative AI, a Google spokesperson clarified that the updates specifically target “low-quality AI-generated content designed for clicks but lacking original value.” Google anticipates a 40% reduction in low-quality and unoriginal content in search results.

In recent months, there has been a notable increase in AI-generated content optimized for SEO, following Google’s guidelines for higher rankings. This rise is attributed to the accessibility and simplicity of AI tools capable of producing content aligned with Google’s preferences.

Beyond addressing AI-generated SEO content, Google’s updates will also target individuals publishing low-quality content on high-reputation websites.